We Believe that Every Women’s desire to wear the Modest and fashionable clothes With her Hijab.
BAKKA launched in 2014. We Start in the beginning with many shops in deferent countries Like Malaysia, Bosnia and JORDAN, then We launched our online store in 2020 (during covid-19 pandemic) to reach more costumers and to deliver online clothes shopping to our target audience in such variety. we now have customers in many countries. We speak our customers’ language, we recognize their needs, and we know their preferences.

Choosing the name “Bakka” had a special significance as well, since Bakka is an ancient term for the city of Mecca, and was mentioned in the holy Quran as a synonym for Mecca. Historically, The Holy City had an outstanding reputation for
its trade. Several trade alliances were struck with merchants from around the globe, which resulted in the city becoming a hub for trade. In Mecca, one would find various goods from different continents.
Since the store provides a variety of famous Islamic clothing brands under one roof, the founder thought it appropriate to adopt a name that symbolizes diversity and strength of
trade from Islamic tradition.

Using his talents in graphic design
and his vision of contemporary Islamic clothing, the founder incorporated the two historical influences into Bakka within a modern presentation. However, the concept of Bakka goes beyond a mere brand
of clothing, it is a vision of combining modern and modest, as well as the modernisation of elements that remind us of the glory we once possessed. Bakka is on a mission to revolutionize the fashion
industry and make contemporary Islamic clothing both accessible and appealing to young men and women, by extension, the brand is aiming to help youngsters please Allah through their dress-code. By
doing so, Bakka would be achieving its ultimate goal of advocating Allah’s command on earth.

Our brand is open to welcoming new
additions of Islamic clothing brands under its roof, as well as spreading across the world with those who share and support Bakka’s ultimate vision.